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Be healthier, share good and do sports together.

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Use iWatt in your company

Zarábaj iWatty aj doma

Makáš v obývačke, spálni alebo na záhrade? Bežiaci pás, stacionárny bicykel, švihadlo, kľuky, drepy a brušáky sú Tvojou dennou rutinou? iWatt Ťa odmení už aj za tieto aktivity.

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Zarábaj iWatty aj doma Zarábaj iWatty aj doma

Every movement counts

Run, ride a bike, swim, ski or walk... No matter how you move, iWatt will appreciate each of these activities. Just track the movement and transform it to iWatts. The more you move, the more iWatts you earn.

iWatts for you

Every movement counts

Hail to Sport!
and especially to sports clubs.

Great respect for all local clubs, coaches and members. Thanks to iWatt you can get regular financial support for your club. Real money from people who also like to move and put their energy into a good cause. How?

iWatts for the club

Hail to Sport! <br> and especially to sports clubs.

Your movement, your advantages

If you do sports, you know nothing is for free. Use earned iWatts for the benefits that will make your active life more enjoyable. See the offer of benefits in our EnergyShop

6€ kupón na Váš prvý nákup na

6€ kupón na Váš prvý nákup na

Zľava na tyčinky Marva

Marva Marva

Zľava na tyčinky Marva

-30% na Dobré Tuky

iWatt iWatt

-30% na Dobré Tuky

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Get the fund for your club

Are you a member, coach or owner of sport club? Some extra money would come in handy for sports aids, camps..? Don't wait for any help "from above." Thanks to iWatt, it will come from everyone who loves sport. And not once, but regularly. For clubs of all sizes from all over the Slovakia.

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The current round of the competition is over. We are working on its evaluation.
A new round will be launched in a few days.

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This is just the beginning

This is just the beginning. You can already look forward to everything we are preparing for you. Do you want to be notified? Leave us your email.+

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