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Športová liga hádzaná hľadá svojho sponzora!

Pomôž nám nájsť sponzora a získaj finančnú odmenu pre svoj klub.

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Check the Karma and the location of your club. Donate iWatts and decide whether it gets reward.

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We support sports clubs

These companies are proud iWatt partners. They help and support sports clubs throughout Slovakia.

Športová liga hľadá SPONZORA Športová liga hľadá SPONZORA

Staň sa sponzorom športovej ligy a podpor tým šport na Slovensku.

Športová liga hľadá SPONZORA

Get the fund for your club

Are you a member, coach or owner of sport club? Some extra money would come in handy for sports aids, camps..? Don't wait for any help "from above." Thanks to iWatt, it will come from everyone who loves sport. And not once, but regularly. For clubs of all sizes from all over the Slovakia.

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